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PR firms “won’t work with climate change deniers”?

It’s difficult to know just how seriously to take The Guardian’s story yesterday claiming that a number of leading public relations firms “have for the first time publicly ruled out working with climate change deniers.” In fact, the only thing … Continue reading

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This is why you shouldn’t set compensation policy without consulting a PR professional

The idea that “culture trumps strategy” has been around for a while now. In 2011, Harvard Business Review published an article by consultant and author Nilofer Merchant in which she argued that “the best strategic idea means nothing in isolation. … Continue reading

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Classic storytelling in video form, from Cannes to Colorado

About 24 hours after leaving Cannes, I find myself in Boulder Colo., listening to a presentation on visual storytelling that seems particularly relevant given that almost all of the Gold Lions winners were heavily dependent on moving—in both senses of … Continue reading

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PR criticism from without and within; competing with ad agencies, and more

I don’t always agree with Alan Kelly, but he is nearly always interesting and provocative, as he is in this blog post in which he suggests that some “do-gooder” PR professionals “will wag their fingers that PR excellence is based … Continue reading

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Advancing Africa is a mission more should support

I’m in Mauritius for the African Public Relations Association conference, which has an interesting agenda, ranging from its focus on “Advancing Africa” to discussions of reputation management, crisis communications, corporate social responsibility, corporate governance, and of course digital and social … Continue reading

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Is Max Clifford a PR man? Depends who you ask

Is Max Clifford—convicted last week of indecent assault on several teenage girls—a public relations man? It’s a question that seems pertinent, given the commentary by Ian Burrell in The Independent and others suggested that Clifford’s conviction has “tarnished the image … Continue reading

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What business are you in?

Over the past three weeks, I met with about 60 of the leading public relations firms in North America, with sessions that ranged from a relatively informal 60-minute breakfasts with agency principals to 3-hour Powerpoint presentations featuring an entire leadership … Continue reading

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GMA to consumers: “We don’t trust you, but we’d like you to trust us”

On most issues, I would consider the Grocery Manufacturers Association to be one of the most thoughtful and responsible of Washington trade associations, but on one key issue the GMA is at least half wrong. In opposing a new bill … Continue reading

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This is why PR should be part of the (legal) decision-making process

In a thorough analysis of General Motors’ response to its current crisis, Knowledge@Wharton makes the inevitable comparison between GM and Johnson & Johnson during the Tylenol crisis. The most telling quote comes from David Vinjamuri, author of the book Accidental … Continue reading

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If journalists have a narrow view of PR, we have only ourselves to blame

When a Financial Times with the headline “Publicity is Free with No PRs” hit my inbox earlier this week, I didn’t bother clicking on it because I assumed it was just more PR-baiting, of the kind journalists indulge in every … Continue reading

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